3D Graphics & Animations

Stuff produced using POV-Ray

POV-Ray is an excessively nifty freeware package for producing high quality ray-traced graphics. I have dabbled with it on-and-off for a while, and produced (what seems like) infinite numbers of unfinished pieces with it, along with a couple of completed items! The "TealSpace" banner logo on the index page of this website was produced using POV-Ray, as were these items:

Experiments with stop-motion

Before I laid my hands on the animation software I'm now using, I dabbled with stop-motion animation using a webcam and props I found in my study. Here's a couple of examples of the sort of thing I produced. The flickering in the animations is due to the webcam automatically adjusting the exposure in an unpredictable way; if I were to do more stop-motion animations, I think I'd make a point of using manual exposure settings to avoid this problem.

I don't know if or when I'll get back into the stop-motion animation, since I'm concentrating on working with Animation:Master these days. But I have a stack of plasticene squirrelled away in my study ready to build claymation-style models with, if I do decide to have another go.

Stuff produced using Hash Animation:Master

Hash Animation:Master is a professional quality animation program at a hobbyist price. I've only just started playing with it, so I haven't got anything terribly impressive to put here yet, but these little videos and screen shots are a start. As I acquire more experience in using Animation:Master, I'll be able to put more interesting animations up on this page.