A Selection of my Artworks


Some of these pictures are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing any of them, feel free to E-mail me and we can negotiate.

"Otters" (Not for sale)
This painting was based on photographs of otters that I took at the Adelaide Zoo. I was aiming at illustrating the strength of personality that the otters demonstrated in their interactions with zoo visitors.

"Silence" (Not for sale)
A painting based on a photograph by Oliver Strewe, (published in Geo vol. 10 no.1). I found the original photograph very evocative, and wanted to do an interpretation of it that expressed my own reactions as well.

"Dawn Song" Oil on canvas board, 60cm x 45cm, mounted, $500 AU
Think of it as an illustration of a creation myth, and replace "In the beginning there was the word" with "In the beginning She sang".

"Father of the Bride" (Not for sale)
This is based on a photo of myself and my father on my wedding day. Its not a good likeness of me, but I don't much mind as it was intended to be a portrait of my father. I painted it a little while after he died.

"Medusa" Gouache on art board, 34cm x 22cm, mounted under glass, $300 AU
My rather free interpretation of a jellyfish, done using a wet-in-wet technique that was a lot of fun to implement.

"Fever Bloom" (Not for sale)
Don't ask me to tell you what this is about, coz I don't have the faintest idea. It started as a simple illustration of a lily in my garden and...evolved.

"Undersea World" Gouache on art board, 43cm x 31cm, mounted under glass, $400 AU
Another fantasy painting, this time with an aquatic theme. The original has slightly brighter colours (the big fish in the foreground positively glows, for example) but I had difficulty capturing that intensity of colour in the scanned image. Still, this is fairly close otherwise.

"Just Another Day at the Office" Gouache on art board, 33cm x 36cm, mounted under glass, $350 AU
This one is not for the squeamish, and was painted at a time when my feelings toward my job in the Commonwealth Public Service were not terribly favourable. A little while after I painted this, I left that job for another elsewhere in the Service. I was trying to express me feelings of being a cog in a machine that fed on the lifeforce of its "components". Not "great art", to be sure, but it expresses how I felt in that job very well!

"Lady of the Sunflowers" Gouache on canvas board, 40cm x 50cm, mounted under glass, $400 AU
This was painted very early in my painting career...the intense, otherworldly palette is because they were the only paints I had! Not to worry, I think this picture works rather well regardless of its ...um...unusual palette.

"Ash in a Tree"Ink on art board, 32cm x 21cm, mounted under glass, $150 AU
A drawing of my cat Ash before she was run over by our next-door neighbour. For those who have read my article on cat naming (elsewhere on this site), Ash is Flame's sister and Spook's daughter.


I don't really have very many photos to include in this section, since so many of them have been scattered elsewhere across my website. I've got a goodly collection of slides that I'd like to add here, but unfortunately I've been having a bit of difficulty getting decent quality scans of them with the equipment I have at present. I'll keep working on this problem, and when I sort it all out I'll add more photos.

"Seagulls" - Says it all, really. I particularly like the composition of this picture.

"Bonfire" - an experiment in low-light photography (something I find very interesting).

"Lighting Candles" - this was taken while setting up a hall for an SCA feast. Doesn't he look angelic? Enjoy it while it lasts...

"Nigella" - also known as love-in-a-mist, this is one of my favourite flowers, photographed using close-up lenses to achieve an ethereal look.

Non-art photographs

Here are some photos that don't necessarily have any vast artistic merit, but I want to share anyway.

Here's a selection of photos from my trip to the US in April/May 2001 for Alt.PolyCon7, a con held by and for folk who hang out on the newsgroup alt.polyamory.

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