The Black Beast

I am the Black Beast.
I ride behind their eyes -
The people in shopping malls,
The children in schoolyards,
The faces in crowds.
These are my hunting ground
And here I wait.

I prowl with the throngs
And wait for the vulnerable few -
Those who walk out of step,
Those who turn against the tide,
Those who do not blend.
These are my prey
And these I hunt.

I delight in devouring
And wait for the moment to strike.
I take all in them that does not conform
Rend the parts asunder
Suck the marrow from their self-worth
And discard the leavings on the scrap heaps of their dreams.

To all ye who will not walk in crowds:
Look upon my visage and despair!
For I am the Black Beast,
I am the reaver of dreams,
I am the heart of the nightmare;
And all I want is your soul.

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