A Not-So-Serious Bio

Name: Teal

Age: Over 18, under retirement age :-)

Sex/gender: Well, that's an interesting question! Physically female, but mentally/emotionally...who knows? I think I've decided that my gender is Brat, and that will just have to do.

Sexual orientation: Bisexual, Polyamorous

Relationship Status: I am partnered to the delectable Mark, who I live with. I also have two sweeties (one local, one long distance) and a constellation of tocotoxen ("tocotox": from TOo COmplicated TO eXplain ).

Household: I share my house with Mark, five cats, a whippet called Juno, an indeterminate number of pigeons and about a million tropical fish (they breed!).

Mottos: Could be "Carpe Diem", "Embrace the power of AND" or maybe "Know thyself", depending on my mood.

Words or phrases that have been used by others to describe me: independent, stubborn, hyperactive, intense, eccentric, brat, bloodyminded, creative, persistent, pushy, weird, feisty, impulsive, passionate, non-conformist, loyal, strange and obscure, vague, queer (in more ways than one), an original.

Homeplace: Adelaide, South Australia

Spirituality: I have in the past described myself as a pantheistic pagan, of a solitary and idiosyncratic sort. These days I'm tending more toward a sort of low key agnosticism. I guess it mostly just depends on my mood. [shrug]

Politics: Highly fluid and rather hard to categorise, with strong tendencies toward green and anarchist and queer-ratbag-feminist; however, the longer we live under a right-wing regime here in Oz, the more I'm seeing the appeal of a (somewhat) left-wing economy. [shrug] However, politics is a funny thing - every solution seems to generate more problems. I haven't figured out the answer yet, and I think it'll be a while before I come up with fixes to all the world's problems! :-)

How I spend much of my time: I am studying a PhD by correspondence at La Trobe University , which is in Melbourne (800 kilometres from Adelaide), and my topic of study relates to the development of Hazard Perception skills in learner drivers.

Current hobbies/interests: urban exploration (ie poking around in drains), 3D animation; learning to play the piano; Reading; the Society for Creative Anachronism, particularly costuming and making stuff; Queer politics; gender politics; crafty-stuff such as decorative leatherwork, silversmithing and fibre arts; internetting in general and Usenet in particular; gardening (not that I get as much time to do so as I'd like); fish-keeping; costuming; painting; photography.

Previous hobbies/interests: flying gliders; Riding my motorcycle (I sold it a while ago, to my great regret); learning to play guitar (I never really developed a convincing degree of competence with this, more's the pity); sailing boats; aikido (never got very far with it); fencing (both modern-style and SCA-style).

Things I'd like to do one day: Finish my #%@&ing thesis; try scuba diving; fly a small jet plane; make an over-the-top period costume that I couldn't find any faults in; sell some paintings to folk other than friends and family :-) ; get my writing commercially published (Done that!); learn a whole heap of languages (including Auslan); learn to ride a horse properly; live in the Adelaide hills (or possibly in some other interesting place) in a big sprawling household with all my friends and loves (rather than in an average suburban house in an average suburb, as I do now). Sigh. So much to do, so little time!

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