I am Teal. Welcome to my headspace.

Herein you will find samples of my work - fiction, poetry, painting, drawing and others - and find articles about some of the things that matter to me. Its an eclectic mishmash of stuff - I've never been one to specialise, and I think that my rather scattershot approach to life is clearly manifested here! But hopefully, among all the weird and wonderful stuff that inhabits my skull, you may find something that you enjoy or appreciate. If you like this site it may be worth your while checking in again every few months - I'm constantly fiddling with it, so you may find new stuff of interest down the track.

A propos of my tendency to keep tweaking this website - if, in the course of your explorations here, you find something that doesn't work well with your browser, or seems broken in some way, I'd very much appreciate it if you'd email me and let me know. I do my best to keep this site viewable for as many permutations of hardware and software as possible, but I don't know them all - so if something looks like it might be problem to you, I'd be very happy if you dropped me a line and let me know (a) what seems to be the problem; and (b) what combination of browser/OS/screen resolution/colour depth you have your system set up with. Thanks!

Oh yes, one other thing - everything on this Web Site is Copyright. If you want to use anything here in a another context, please email me with a description of what you have in mind BEFORE you do so. Until you get an answer from me giving the OK, then the answer is NO!

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