Conversations and Opinions

Herein can be found some opinion pieces and conversational snippets on a variety of subjects, organised more by whimsy than any particular plan or pattern. I have selected them from among my vast archive of correspondence for a number of reasons: perhaps they express some particular opinion or reaction of mine clearly; or possibly because I think they are particularly well-written; or maybe just because I liked them.

Such of these pieces that have been excerpted from emails or Usenet posts may include material written by others, which I included in these passages to aid clarity. I have paraphrased the words of others in these articles rather than quoting their words directly so as to protect the privacy of and avoid infringing the copyright of the folk I indirectly cite here.

On The Naming of Cats

On Responsible Fish Keeping

On the Revolutionary Power of Joy

On Gender Rebellion

What do I look for in potential partners?

The non-stick pan incident

Emotional reactivity

Climbing in love

Passion versus intellect

Salesdroids and God-botherers

Blonde jokes

Song translations

On psychoative medications as a crutch

Artichoke tales

Celebrating birthdays

On trust

Are poly relationships "more highly evolved"?

On being upset and being angry

On attraction

Online communication and gender stereotypes


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